Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Mango Gossip "King of Fruit"

Lately I've been hearing alot of gossip about the Mango or "King of Fruit". First of all, the mango is originally from Asia and is the most consumed fruit in the WORLD! The top producer of mangos is India and they eat 99% of the fruit. In India it is considered a symbol of love, no wonder they keep all they produce. Did you know that the mango is a distant relative to the cashew and pistachio? Now this surprised me, it has 1000 varieties, that mango surely gets around.

The top 5 varieties are:
Kent - 1944 FL (descendant of Brooks)
Tommy Atkins - 1920 FL
Haden - 1910 FL (Mulgoba from India)
Ataulfo - Indonesian from Hawaii (descendant of Manila from Mexico)
Keitt - 1945 FL (Mulgoba from India)

Some nutrients found in Mango:
Vitamin A
Vitamin C
Vitamin E
Vitamin B6

The health benefits of "the King" are protection from a variety of cancers, like colon, breast, leukemia, and prostate. Help with blood pressure from the potassium. The vitamin A is good for night vision and bone growth, while Vitamin C is good for a healthy immune system. For more about mangos please see my YouTube video below:

On the weekend, we went to a Farmers Market in Immokalee, FL to see what we could find. Among other things we purchased a box of Haden mangos from Peru as the FL season is in the summer. The Peru mango is delicious, the only problem is I have been eating one a day with my husband! The mango is my favorite fruit so I doubt we'll have any left by Saturday. Does that mean there's another road trip around the corner? 


  1. Great blog! I found you through your "following" link on my blog. Terrific stuff, keep up the great work.

  2. I just noticed you haven't posted since March, so maybe my "keep it up" comment is too late.

    1. Thank you so much for your comments. I have been so busy looking for work that I have neglected this blog but I am recommitting myself to posting something soon. Any input on a Nutrition topic you would like more info on?

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