Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Are You Tired of Same Lunch Salad?

Salads don’t have to be boring, especially if you are making them yourself. I love main meal salads for lunch or dinner. We have many options to choose from when making a salad.

Step 1: Choose your salad greens: spinach, romaine, spring mix, etc. You want at least 2 C of greens. Tip-The darker the green the more nutrients it has.

Step 2: Get creative; this is where you decide which fruits & vegetables you want to add. Ideas: shredded carrots, orange bell peppers, shredded broccoli, cut up apples, dried cranberries or blueberries, shredded red cabbage, tomatoes, etc. This can be endless, but you want to add color here and make sure you add at least 1 C of these items.

Step 3: Add fat/protein, otherwise you will be hungry pretty quickly. Ideas: eggs, beans, chicken, turkey, tuna, salmon, walnuts, almonds, soy nuts, etc. Also you can add avocado, yes I know it is a fruit. It has the good type of fat you want.

Step 4: Choose a light salad dressing. The problem with fat-free salad dressing is that when they take out the fat, they are also taking out flavor and they compensate by adding more salt and/or sugar. I like the Light Raspberry Vinaigrette, but you can pick what you like. When I get rid of my salad dressings in my fridge, I am going to experiment with homemade. I’m going to make my own raspberry dressing using Polaner All Fruit Raspberry, I can’t wait!

I think if you use this as a spring board for making your salads, you will not be bored anymore. Please watch my YouTube video titled, “Norma Yr Nutritionist: Salads 4 Lunch” for more ideas. Click below:

What things do you like to put in your salads?

Please comment, I don’t bite! Also I would appreciate you sharing this post to anyone that can benefit from it. My goal is to help people become healthier by making small changes; small and steady wins the race.

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  1. Great ideas for lunch! Hope you continue giving us tips. Thanks!